Designed for Expo 2020

29 Oct

If you live in any of the bidding countries for  the World Expo 2020, you are already very familiar to what the Expo is. If not here is a recap : “World Expos remain a key meeting point for the global community to share innovations and make progress on issues of international importance such as the global economy, sustainable development and improved quality of life for the world’s population. In layman’s term, it’s a big deal 🙂

The World’s fair, now called World Expo started with  the French Industrial Exposition of 1844 held in Paris. It’s been accumulating importance as the years have gone by. Always creating a buzz and introducing new inventions, ideas from technology to food stuff.

Needless to say that different logo designs go along with the different Expos.

more recent logo designs include :

Expo 2015 – Milan


Do not look at if you have epilepsy, it may cause seizures.

Expo 2010 – Shanghai


not sure if logo or paintbrush accident

Expo 2000 – Hannover (YIKES)


No more LSD for you!

This year, 4 countries have placed their bids to host the Expo 2020. U.AE , Russia, Turkey and Brazil. ( Although i did stumble on a logo done for Thailand, but I’m guessing they pulled out)


Expo 2020 – Dubai


Expo 2020 – Turkey


Expo 2020 – Brazil


Expo 2020 – Russia


and the  Expo 2020 – Thailand i came across.


I hope we all agree, logo design for this important event has really come a long way. It’s a good thing it did.  Clean, clear and well constructed logos to represent a world-wide event. If countries bid millions for these events to take place in their countries. the LEAST they could do is pay for a properly designed logo.

I’m glad to see that each logo represents the spirit of the country. I can see it in the Dubai, Brazil, Turkey and Thailand logo, not sure what Russia is doing there, I think the whole “we are the world” thing is out dated. Still, It’s clean enough and props to them for being able to incorporate the HUGE city’s name instead of leaving as a foot note like Turkey and Brazil did.

Living in the U.A.E, I’ve seen the Dubai expo logo used in so many ways. Goes to show that when you design a symbol that is flexible, it can stretch your identity further.


Nail polish color named after expo 2020 from CocoNails at Beauty Connection spa


Using the identity to create a design


Adding the logo to Facebook display pictures

If your interested, here are the videos that each candidate has created to bid for expo 2020. My favourite ones are Dubai and Turkey. Showing creativity in script as well as art direction. Enjoy ^_^

World Expo Dubai, UAE 2020 bid film. Ali’s Film.


EXPO 2020 İzmir presentation film

EXPO 2020 São Paulo – Power of Diversity, Harmony for Growth

Expo 2020 Russia . Hello Yeosu

To see more on the Expo 2020 click here PING*



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