He said, She said, I say

29 Mar

Advertising in the region ( M.E ) has had it’s ups and wayyy downs. We praise our peers by giving them awards and hosting a fancy expensive dinner. Then we go back to the hectic life of trying to squeeze a creative idea that the client may or most likely may not approve, only to go end up creating stale work that we are sick of seeing.

Every now and then, a piece of advertising will grab your attention, and you will be amused. That’s when you know that the advertising works. After all isn’t that the core of the industry?to Entertain while creating love for the brand? As I was driving down Sheikh Zayed road,i noticed billboards ads for the souq.com , The headline grabbed my attention only because I thought they misspelled it, but I thought.. ok, cute. It’s a good step forward from just throwing SALE! SALE! SALE! *insert product shot* This actually had a concept and a play on words.



What really made me smile was the youtube ads ( I HATE YOUTUBE ADS) but these were actually quiet entertaining. Using different arab dialects with a hint of non insulting stereo typing.  As well as an english one. How doi know it works? – I’m actually about to log in and look for things to buy. And I’m not an online shopper. But this just goes to show that when a brand puts out good , intelligent, entertaining communication… IT WORKS. It may not be ground breaking, but I hope to see more of this kind of risk in the industry. I’m so tired of cheesy, low IQ ads. Well done souq.com and well done to the agency who produced this. Check out the ads :



Let me know what you think 🙂 Enjoy & be good.


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