The beauty in advertising – Dove

8 Apr

Two words that you don’t always see side by side: ‘beauty’ and ‘advertising’. But every now and then, advertising gurus are allowed to express the vision they have for their clients by creating something beautiful.

Dove is no stranger to consumer beauty, and have always created emotional campaigns that aim at making you feel loved. Over the years, they have tackled beauty in weight, ethnicity and age. Their marketing teams have covered the ad world from every corner. You have your basic TV ads, where you see the product being blasted everywhere at you, but they also have another agenda: “LOVE YOURSELF”. The reason why I love these campaigns so much is because they have dominated the field of self-love. It’s hard to bash a product that tells you to put you first no matter what – even if the product isn’t 100% as good as advertised! 🙂 Clever little bugs. But hey, if that means more love and more positivity around the world, I say WHY NOT?! Staged or not staged, these stunts make you think…

Here are recent campaigns that Dove created for personal empowerment: #ChooseBeautiful campaign and  #OneBeautifulThought

Both campaigns are highly entertaining and make you think about what YOU perceive yourself as, rather than how people view you. Do you give yourself a moral boost or has society created so much of “fake beauty” content that you can’t accept the way you are? I know I have issues with the silliest things about myself – and I’m glad there are these campaigns around to connect with women on a different level than just “BUY THIS AND YOU WILL BE BEAUTIFUL!”

Love yourself and enjoy 🙂

Agency : Ogilvy & Mather Chicago



Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Paris


*Note some of their earlier work involved more of a “real beauty” as to where recently they have shifted towards more of a “you need to see that your real beauty” because let’s face it, even if you’re told that you are beautiful, it doesn’t really matter unless you feel it and believe it.







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