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Designing the superhero

18 Jun

When people think “working out” they usual cringe and proceed to the nearest exit.

But, there is hope yet. As usual, on my wonderful magical journey surfing the internet, i found something that struck both, my interest for design as well as my interest in keeping fit.

Her name is Neila Rey, author of 100 No-Equipment Workouts and the creator of awesome easy-to-follow workout routines.

The great thing about this is, that if you’re interested in any of these fictional (to some not so fictional)  characters, these are beautifully designed workout cards that may motivate you. Other than the fact that I will totally do that Batman workout, her website is also very well designed.  Using pop culture and memes, also it’s simple for users to experience. This just goes to show, that anyone ( corporation  or individual) can create an attractive brand if they focus on people instead of thinking of them as “consumers”.

Check out her awesome site ( scroll to the bottom, the “copyrights” part made me lol ) —>

And here are a few of the workout collection designed for the superhero in you ^_^ enjoy:

10 07042128-batman-workout 1396564749-2 1396564749-4 Batman-Workout-3 Batman-Workout-4 batman-workout lannister-workout


stormtrooper-workout wolverine-market


Soo many more, you can even download then and print them: workout cards

Be good.


Inspiration from mars

26 Oct

It’s been a few days (ok weeks) since i have updated this space *bad Jessy bad*. Well in my defense I’ve been quiet busy. I resigned from my job (woot woot) I’ve stressed on my plan to relax, been taken advantage of by my family since i now have “free time” to do their bidding, I’ve been offered freelance jobs when i clearly said i needed a break  and a fairy has distracted me from my normal routine. But who’s complaining ? 😀 It’s hard to draw inspiration when you stare at a blank page. Working in design you always have to be on your toes, life is in the fast lane and you have to come up with FANTASTIC ideas every single time that brief hits your table. As i sit and stare at my blank “new post” i wondered to myself…. how the hell do people keep getting inspired, what is inspiration. *draws a blank.

Anyways, i decided to start from my problem. I need to write on my blog but i can’t find inspiration. So I’m going to tackle this the same way i tackle any design job. Research for inspiration. So for all you lost souls out there that need a lill eye candy,(no matter what field you work in) i give you the inspiration from mars.

Tomokazu Matsuyama
Fan-freaken-tanstic artist.

Sometimes, when one adds a culture style in ones work.. it works.

Francoise Nielly

Being harsh and loud can be beautiful.

Jason de caires Taylor

Underwater sculpture.
Remember, you can do something ordinary in an un-ordinary place and it can make all the difference.






Lalla Essaydi

Going back to basics and your roots can bring out the inspiration box

bader mahasneh

It doesn’t have to make sense with your eyes, sometimes it’s better to let yourself feel things.



Jessy Shoucair

Go back to your old stuff and you might be able to inspire yourself, try and remember that feeling you had when you were in the “mood” (no matter how cheesy you were:)
*screen shots so pls excuse the pixelation


Ok, that’s enough for now. hmmm i think i figured out what my next post is going to be about.



Human artist

22 Sep

Different people have their own definition for beauty, it could mean a walk in the park to some, to others it could mean a woman wearing a tight dress. But in this blog, I decide what beauty is 🙂 and I declare this next artist’s work beautiful. I don’t know Lama Khatib Daniel, although we seem to have many friends in common and she use to work in my agency (she left a few months before i started and i can understand why) but the one thing i do know about Lama is her reputation. “She’s really talented, her art is amazing” Amira kept saying. One day an “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek she posted new work” came squeaking out of the creative department. Lama had posted some of her illustrations online, and i though to myself “oh wow, she is good” as we all huddled up to look at the work.

A few days ago i heard a similar squeak, and this time it was coming out of facebook, NO I’m not crazy, let me explain. Many of my friends were tagged in a photo titled  “MY BOOKS ARE FINALLY HERE!!!” (now admit it, when you read that line you heard the squeak….if not you have no imagination 🙂 Soon enough i put together that Lama had illustrated 3 books and written Arabic poetry, and they were finally printed. Now, simply from that title and from her multiple tags, i understood one thing. This woman really loves her art, she didn’t name them “The poetry set” or ” the cluster bombs 1,2 &3″she actually called them “my books” and she squeaked as she wrote the title. I like Lama, and her books. I got in contact with her to ask her where she got the inspiration from and what her story is, but i promise you no matter what i type, her books can speak louder than me so please check them out.

"Although, I'm not a poet neither a writer, I'm an artist who has an interesting and new idea of combining short poems with illustrations and drawings in a modern look and feel yet full of emotions."

I immediately started translating the words into sketches and the result was three books. I chose three poems from my writings

I see these three pieces in the hands of young lovers reading them worming their hearts with simple, modern Arabic poetry, I see them on the shelf of an art enthusiast and on the coffee table of tasteful ladies boudoirs.

I see all kind of people experiencing the book from Arabic readers to non-Arabic readers enjoying the imaginative illustrations…after all this is not a traditional reading experience this is an adventure, for me and for whom ever enjoying this act of art.

“I love you like a butterfly” a love poem. “Take me away” is a dreamy poem. “The stars and the moon” is a gentle poem.

Do you see her passion, just after reading that i feel like I’m prancing on clouds with ballet slippers. If those are just words to describe her book, i would love to feel what her books say (yes i said feel, go away I’m in a dreamy mood). I can just imagine the difficulty she has parting with her books. I guess another thing you should take out of this story is to follow your heart. You can also check out her other stuff here *PING* and here *PONG* . If you would like to buy one of her books, ask for them in Virgin stores Dubai or email her at :

We *heart Lama’s books.

Underground art in Dubai?

20 Sep

When did this happen? The underground art scene in Dubai must be REAAALLLY underground, because I haven’t heard of it and I’ve lived here all my life.

But apparently there is an underground art scene, and this is how I found out about it:  Emirates Woman of the Year Award. One specific candidate caught my interest. Diya Ajit – Visual Artist. As I read her achievements, I wondered how a graphic artist can be nominated for this specific award – I mean, she’s up against a woman who opened a children’s theater and another woman who started an art gallery that gives students a chance to exhibit their work (many of whom were my classmates).

So I did a little snooping around *Cue inspector gadget theme song* Turns out, Diya Ajit is everywhere. News reports, blogs, Design articles, websites and more blogs. As I continue the search to find out the answer to my question, I get a caught in a dilemma. I had started off this post convinced that anyone who encourages an underground art movement was definitely going to get my vote, but I wanted to know more, I wanted to know how she has moved the underground art scene. So I asked, and if her passion for art is as solid as her reply, then Dubai I think we have a winner.

I’m going to quote her because i have to admit she explains it perfectly: “I am generally regarded as one of the few local artists in the U.A.E who have, for several years now, tried to make art more approachable and ‘non format’ in the sense of not restricting it to gallery spaces. In doing this I have tried to make art more accessible, more interactive, more fun and more ‘out in the open’: taking it into open spaces, malls, outdoor venues, bars, clubs and at brand events. In this way creating a much bigger ‘reach’ than conventional galleries have. And also creating a new audience – an audience that art galleries cannot reach.”

The reason why I think some of us have a problem getting our heads around this is because, in Dubai we do not know what an Urban art scene is. We aren’t accustomed to having it. The most attractive thing she mentioned was: “my nomination is really a nomination of the movement rather than me as an individual.”

What we have here people is hopefully the beginning of something bright and beautiful. Something most of us who grew up here craved for. I for one have butterflies in my tummy. To think that one day we can have our own Banksy, (ok, I might be pushing it) but seriously, I think we should all encourage Dubai’s urban art scene, and the first step is to be aware that there are people who are trying to shape it, and I bet it’s not as easy as it sounds. So I’m not gonna tell you what to do… (vote for Diya), but I will tell you to check out her BLOG and if you’re unfamiliar with what urban art is check out the images below.

Banksy - London Urban art

Brazil - urban art

Brazil - urban art

The artist Henk Hofstra has created, in the town of Drachten, Holland, a quite unusual urban art installation called the "Blue Road".

Dubai- urban art

Dubai- urban art Heineken Greenspace

Taking type seriously

19 Sep

To the mere mortal, typography is just a fancy  word for “the size of text” for most designers, it is the difference between heaven and hell.

Ranting section :
God do i hate fonts.
OK that’s not entirely true, I don’t hate fonts it’s just that I hate how much of a BIG DEAL designers make them out to be. When you spend 100 hours changing the kerning, leading, font size, just to try to make your “art” work, then I think you’re full of HOOPLA. Yes typography is beautiful, and it does sometimes make your ad, brochure, love letter, (anything you want) better, but it’s not gonna matter if your leading is 22 px or 24 px You don’t change the layout of the design just because you want the leading to be 22px but it doesn’t fit on the left side of your page. *breathing in… and out again…*

Andreas Scheiger is a graphic artist and sculpture who stumbled upon the book “The Alphabet and Elements of Lettering” (1918) by f type designer Frederic W. Goudy, (he’s a really famous guy who designed letter shapes, i actually wrote a design report about him back in uni). Goudy analyzed the alphabet and compared letters to human organisms. This inspired Scheiger to develop the series “evolution of type” and this was the result:

Andreas Scheiger , Evolution of Type S1

Pretty cool stuff if you like your typography

if you want to see more of this series you can kill here *ping*

Know your fail whale

18 Sep

Do you know where the twitter fail whale comes from?

Yea i thought it was designed by twitter as well, but nope!  Yiying Lu an illustrator who lives in Australia but is originally from Shanghai had posted the image to the stock photo website, iStockPhoto and that’s where twitter picked it up. Although originally  the image was entitled “Lifting a Dreamer” and represented friends helping each other out. Nick Quaranto suggested it be called Fail Whale, and i guess it stuck.

The interesting thing about this story is that once Fail Whale starting gaining popularity, the artist wasn’t getting any credit for it. Until Tom Limongello had designed a T-shirt with the fail whale, but realized although it was in demand , he couldn’t sell it because of copyrights issues. So he contacted Yinying Lu and together they created the Fail Whale online store :The Zazzle store sells T-shirts and different accessories. Believe it or not the Fail whale has become part of pop culture, it has a bunch of loyal fans that seem to go all out for it you can check the fan site here Some of the stuff they post is funny, others are just wayyyy to Fail Whale for my taste.

Pumpkins carved into fail whale

Fail whale dedicated to Michael Jackson

Fail whale tattoo

Yea see, that’s just not right. too far. what if tomorrow they decided to change the meaning of Fail whale on twitter and use it as a symbol for Whale Hunter’s Association.  (it could happen)

This video is pretty old but if you haven’t watched it, enjoy

Pac-man is way cool

14 Sep

Yes he is, yes he is.

1980 a developer by the name Namco released a video game that would turn out to be the most famous arcade games of all time. Pac-Man has the highest brand awareness of any video game character among American consumers, recognized by 94 percent of them. Pac-man wasn’t JUST  a game. It was part of popular culture.

Living in the middle east we weren’t exposed to many mac-man arcade games, but i sure as hell remember when we got our Atari 2600. There was nothing more fun and memorizing than watching that 8bit yellow thing go up and down, and no matter  how hard i tried i could NEVER find a strategy for it, maybe that’s what made it interesting.

There’s a lot of things we don’t know about pac-man   (nooo i don’t mean that he had a wife and kid and was abusing drugs) i mean the technicalities.  The actual character was inspired by the Japanese folk hero “Paku”who was known for his appetite as well as by the Japanese onomatopoeic slang phrase paku-paku taberu (thats the noise you hear in the game). Pac-man was actually designed to look like a well rounded Japanese word for mouth (with a mouth ) (口) i don’t buy it, i think it’s just a fat man eating everything in his way.

Now that we got history out of the way, the fact remains that pac-man is cool (the 8-bit version, the rest are just creepy), it’s full of color, it’s simple to understand and it’s a timeless design. Take a look at how different people in the art / fashion / video world have been inspired by pac-man. waka waka waka waka

Hot fashion designer Giles Deacon knows pac-man rocks.

Consumer’s know pac-man rocks! you can buy these at clubnamco

even my mother knows pac-man rocks : Geeky Gadgets ( why i associate my mother with a cutting board, I’ll never know)

Lot’s, more fun

Designed by Matt W. Moore



I just found out that Bloomingdales at the Dubai Mall has a pac-man theme in their display window
I’ll update a picture soon hopefully when i can run away from the office 🙂

and just in-case you didn’t know their names :

Watch this, it’s very entertaining:

Play pac -man online :