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Riddle me this – The giraffe challenge

28 Oct

Display pictures. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even on Whatsapp. We all love our display pictures. They summarise how we want to depict ourselves to the world. Some people change their DPs every few months, some every few minutes. There’s no set of rules.

Except in this particular viral game that is going around. Similar to many Facebook games this one asks you to change your display picture. The only difference is, you have to solve the riddle. If you get it wrong, you have to change your DP into a picture of a giraffe.

As silly as it sounds, it’s been going around the intervewbs even picked up by a few online newspapers. Proving that a little bit of fun never hurt anyone.  It all started with 24-year-old travel videographer , Andrew Strugnel , who posted this video on the challenge  on Saturday 26th of October.

You can check out the Facebook page here PING !

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 1.50.57 PM

What’s even more interesting is seeing how a cat shelter (NPO) in Croatia, has also joined in and used the same riddle, but instead, it asks that the people who answer incorrectly change their DP to a picture of one of the cats in their shelter.

Prava šapa ( Right paw) a shelter made up of  volunteers who are trying to help abandoned cats and find them homes, posted the riddle on it’s Facebook page yesterday. Quiet a few people took notice as well as played along.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 1.58.43 PM

I liked the idea of joining in a viral game to create some awareness, even if it’s just for a little bit of fun. People online should lighten up. The internet is a great way of sharing content but it’s also a great way of sharing a few giggles.

I’d like to see how far this will go and how long it will last.

I unfortunately …. am NOT  a giraffe 😦

Thank you Andrew Strugnel, for the silly , lovely little game.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 2.02.10 PM


I’ll be updating the blog and adding people’s DPs so share yours with me if you are a giraffe ^_^   #GiraffeME 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 2.25.48 PM





Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 3.17.38 PM


For your entertainment

10 May

Just a quick recap where I left off…. of that’s right i was talking about how I haven’t blogged in ages and how I was going to start again… that was about 2 months ago. yeaa so without further adieu I’m just going to entertain you with some hilarious videos by The Lonely Island, an American comedy trio that currently work on Saturday Night Live. They usually invite different artist to collaborate with on their comedic music videos, here is the interesting part (well I think it’s interesting ) they won an Emmy for four of their videos, and were nominated for a Grammy. Why so interesting? because … well… It’s not the kind of work that the industry use to take too seriously, just take a look for yourself.

Some of you may already know their work and if you have you do probably enjoy their new release.

Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)

Do the creep ( ft. Nikki Minaj & John Waters)

Caution very crude language. So if you’re a lill girl don’t click the next few videos

Like A Boss (ft. Seth Rogen)

Mother Lover (ft. Justin Timberlake)

Jizz In My Pants *

I’m on a boat (ft. T-pain)

I Just Had Sex (feat. Akon)


Tuning into ads

1 Mar


Sorry about that, I needed to think of an introduction for this post… that’s  the only thing my brain thought of to break the ice. Well then, topic for the day, a series of commercials that I have just recently uncovered and find FANTASTIC. As well as very catchy. So, this gadget company in the U.S of A called Garmin specialize in GPS system and similar gadgets, yea… a boring sales pitch right? But these guys figured out a way to boost their brand image without trying to “sell” you the product blindly. How is that possible?  well I’ll tell you my lil’ grasshopper …. by attaching a catchy tune to it. (I’m humming it as i type) It looks like they targeted their ads during the christmas season, which would make sense, since it’s prob the highest consumer demand thingy majingy (ppl spend a lot of money during christmas buying crap, yes?) the lyrics are quirky and catchy, with matching visuals. I’d buy the product just to have an excuse to hum the tune.
( I’m sorry I’m just cheesy that way 😦 )

Although these were done a few years ago, it’s still a great case study. So check out the ads bellow and if it doesn’t stick to your skull like cheese to a burger, then lemme know and I’ll send a u cookie 😀


Garmin 2009 Holiday Ad – Squirrel


Garmin 2008 Holiday Commercial – One For All


Garmin 2008 Christmas TV ad – Coffee Shop


Garmin Christmas TV ad – moose


Garmin 2009 Holiday Ad – Nutcracker




*hmmmmmm hmmmmmhmhmhmhmhmh one for the girl typing on her blog hmmmmmhmhmmmhhmm


Your’e not you

28 Nov

Every day the international market creates a campaign for a product that focuses on its general market. Sometimes the campaigns are adapted in the middle east and more or less turn into a big pile of poop. Agencies as well as clients just don’t feel the need to put in the effort or money to mold the campaign to the target audience in the middle east. So when i see an ad campaign like snickers and then i see it being adapted in such a brilliant way that speaks to the Arab audience, I get all giggly. Snickers campaign  “you’re not you when you’re hungry” is in my opinion really entertaining and very smart. Targeting its audience perfectly but also entertaining the rest. Here is the giggly part. They used the same campaign in the middle east but changed the script and fitted it nicely to the market. It works well even on its own andddddd it doesn’t look like the agency just copy pasted an already existing ad. here take a look.

American version


Middle east version


they should do more 🙂

Cookie Monster mania

24 Nov

Ok, this is just gonna be a quick post coz i have to go have dinner 😀 ya’ll know how much I love sesame street, and not just coz they are a non profitable organization that tries to educate the newest of generations, but also because their humor and marketing strategies are out of this world. They have now come up with  new strategy aiming at an older target audience.

Cookie Monster should host Saturday Night Live!

I think it’s simply brilliant. watch the audition video he made:

Cookie Monster is actually a trending topic on twitter now. So get onto his fb page and vote 😀 …. or not..

Cookie Monster: “Me humbled by your support! Me thank everyone from the bottom of me cookie-loving heart. “

Yella laterz.

Give the stach a chance

14 Nov

Ladies move aside, gents this one is for you. By now I’m sure you are all well aware of the Movember movement, if not, get out from under your rock and read this Movember101. For the past few years I’ve noticed a lot of buzz around it in Dubai. For some reason this year, events and awareness campaigns have decreased dramatically. But needless to say the international markets have blasted ads for this cause, a lil weak for my taste, they should have something more aggressive and with a bit more UNF! what do you men think? But never the less it’s something. It really saddens me that people in this region have a silly habit of jumping on the bandwagon and then ditching it as soon as visual entertainment stops. We are half way through November so I encourage you to get in touch with your testosterone and join the movement -> FB page or And for more info on how to keep your stach from turning into trash, (gold star for the attempt to rhyme?)check out James piecowye from Dubai Eye radio station.

or you could just watch the funny videos for inspiration on how to be a man.

From MovemberTV:

Jesse Hughes from Eagles of Death Metal





These are nice ads done by TBWA Singapore, I just wish they used someone from the Arab region, Gibran Khalil Gibran would have made a good candidate.








Graffiti with light

11 Nov

Light painting gives “coloring the world” a whole new meaning, ok no it doesn’t but I had to have an introduction to this blog. In all honestly I just wanted to share with you a really fun style of photography that you can experiment with. I did this many times in university and it always produced entertaining results. It’s easy, put camera on steady surface (if ur not gonna use a tripod) long shutter speed, (aperture on f4 if you like) and either flash light, laser pen, candle, cell phone, basically ANYTHING projects light. Obviously you had to be in the dark 🙂 Try it out and let me know the how it turns out. Take a look at some of the results people have gotten.

Marc B.B



For more advanced results: Patrick Rochon is light painting genius, he creates his images by using colored lasers to produce vivid and out of this world images. He’s taken the experiment to a whole new level. I love his work. (can you tell?)


He also incorporated his talent to a Honda ad checkkk itt outtt :