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Designing the superhero

18 Jun

When people think “working out” they usual cringe and proceed to the nearest exit.

But, there is hope yet. As usual, on my wonderful magical journey surfing the internet, i found something that struck both, my interest for design as well as my interest in keeping fit.

Her name is Neila Rey, author of 100 No-Equipment Workouts and the creator of awesome easy-to-follow workout routines.

The great thing about this is, that if you’re interested in any of these fictional (to some not so fictional)  characters, these are beautifully designed workout cards that may motivate you. Other than the fact that I will totally do that Batman workout, her website is also very well designed.  Using pop culture and memes, also it’s simple for users to experience. This just goes to show, that anyone ( corporation  or individual) can create an attractive brand if they focus on people instead of thinking of them as “consumers”.

Check out her awesome site ( scroll to the bottom, the “copyrights” part made me lol ) —>http://neilarey.com

And here are a few of the workout collection designed for the superhero in you ^_^ enjoy:

10 07042128-batman-workout 1396564749-2 1396564749-4 Batman-Workout-3 Batman-Workout-4 batman-workout lannister-workout


stormtrooper-workout wolverine-market


Soo many more, you can even download then and print them: workout cards

Be good.