The beauty in advertising – Dove

8 Apr

Two words that you don’t always see side by side: ‘beauty’ and ‘advertising’. But every now and then, advertising gurus are allowed to express the vision they have for their clients by creating something beautiful.

Dove is no stranger to consumer beauty, and have always created emotional campaigns that aim at making you feel loved. Over the years, they have tackled beauty in weight, ethnicity and age. Their marketing teams have covered the ad world from every corner. You have your basic TV ads, where you see the product being blasted everywhere at you, but they also have another agenda: “LOVE YOURSELF”. The reason why I love these campaigns so much is because they have dominated the field of self-love. It’s hard to bash a product that tells you to put you first no matter what – even if the product isn’t 100% as good as advertised! 🙂 Clever little bugs. But hey, if that means more love and more positivity around the world, I say WHY NOT?! Staged or not staged, these stunts make you think…

Here are recent campaigns that Dove created for personal empowerment: #ChooseBeautiful campaign and  #OneBeautifulThought

Both campaigns are highly entertaining and make you think about what YOU perceive yourself as, rather than how people view you. Do you give yourself a moral boost or has society created so much of “fake beauty” content that you can’t accept the way you are? I know I have issues with the silliest things about myself – and I’m glad there are these campaigns around to connect with women on a different level than just “BUY THIS AND YOU WILL BE BEAUTIFUL!”

Love yourself and enjoy 🙂

Agency : Ogilvy & Mather Chicago



Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Paris


*Note some of their earlier work involved more of a “real beauty” as to where recently they have shifted towards more of a “you need to see that your real beauty” because let’s face it, even if you’re told that you are beautiful, it doesn’t really matter unless you feel it and believe it.







He said, She said, I say

29 Mar

Advertising in the region ( M.E ) has had it’s ups and wayyy downs. We praise our peers by giving them awards and hosting a fancy expensive dinner. Then we go back to the hectic life of trying to squeeze a creative idea that the client may or most likely may not approve, only to go end up creating stale work that we are sick of seeing.

Every now and then, a piece of advertising will grab your attention, and you will be amused. That’s when you know that the advertising works. After all isn’t that the core of the industry?to Entertain while creating love for the brand? As I was driving down Sheikh Zayed road,i noticed billboards ads for the , The headline grabbed my attention only because I thought they misspelled it, but I thought.. ok, cute. It’s a good step forward from just throwing SALE! SALE! SALE! *insert product shot* This actually had a concept and a play on words.



What really made me smile was the youtube ads ( I HATE YOUTUBE ADS) but these were actually quiet entertaining. Using different arab dialects with a hint of non insulting stereo typing.  As well as an english one. How doi know it works? – I’m actually about to log in and look for things to buy. And I’m not an online shopper. But this just goes to show that when a brand puts out good , intelligent, entertaining communication… IT WORKS. It may not be ground breaking, but I hope to see more of this kind of risk in the industry. I’m so tired of cheesy, low IQ ads. Well done and well done to the agency who produced this. Check out the ads :



Let me know what you think 🙂 Enjoy & be good.

Designing the superhero

18 Jun

When people think “working out” they usual cringe and proceed to the nearest exit.

But, there is hope yet. As usual, on my wonderful magical journey surfing the internet, i found something that struck both, my interest for design as well as my interest in keeping fit.

Her name is Neila Rey, author of 100 No-Equipment Workouts and the creator of awesome easy-to-follow workout routines.

The great thing about this is, that if you’re interested in any of these fictional (to some not so fictional)  characters, these are beautifully designed workout cards that may motivate you. Other than the fact that I will totally do that Batman workout, her website is also very well designed.  Using pop culture and memes, also it’s simple for users to experience. This just goes to show, that anyone ( corporation  or individual) can create an attractive brand if they focus on people instead of thinking of them as “consumers”.

Check out her awesome site ( scroll to the bottom, the “copyrights” part made me lol ) —>

And here are a few of the workout collection designed for the superhero in you ^_^ enjoy:

10 07042128-batman-workout 1396564749-2 1396564749-4 Batman-Workout-3 Batman-Workout-4 batman-workout lannister-workout


stormtrooper-workout wolverine-market


Soo many more, you can even download then and print them: workout cards

Be good.

This Is Not A Designer.

16 Jun

Sometimes, (ok every time) Designers & Art Directors aren’t given enough credit for the skill they have.

Designing is not “drawing” it’s conceptualizing a brand in visual form in order to visually stimulate interest & attraction.

It frustrates me when i see designers are unappreciated. So i decided to do a little scribble 🙂

Enjoy & Be good to your designers.



Designed for Expo 2020

29 Oct

If you live in any of the bidding countries for  the World Expo 2020, you are already very familiar to what the Expo is. If not here is a recap : “World Expos remain a key meeting point for the global community to share innovations and make progress on issues of international importance such as the global economy, sustainable development and improved quality of life for the world’s population. In layman’s term, it’s a big deal 🙂

The World’s fair, now called World Expo started with  the French Industrial Exposition of 1844 held in Paris. It’s been accumulating importance as the years have gone by. Always creating a buzz and introducing new inventions, ideas from technology to food stuff.

Needless to say that different logo designs go along with the different Expos.

more recent logo designs include :

Expo 2015 – Milan


Do not look at if you have epilepsy, it may cause seizures.

Expo 2010 – Shanghai


not sure if logo or paintbrush accident

Expo 2000 – Hannover (YIKES)


No more LSD for you!

This year, 4 countries have placed their bids to host the Expo 2020. U.AE , Russia, Turkey and Brazil. ( Although i did stumble on a logo done for Thailand, but I’m guessing they pulled out)


Expo 2020 – Dubai


Expo 2020 – Turkey


Expo 2020 – Brazil


Expo 2020 – Russia


and the  Expo 2020 – Thailand i came across.


I hope we all agree, logo design for this important event has really come a long way. It’s a good thing it did.  Clean, clear and well constructed logos to represent a world-wide event. If countries bid millions for these events to take place in their countries. the LEAST they could do is pay for a properly designed logo.

I’m glad to see that each logo represents the spirit of the country. I can see it in the Dubai, Brazil, Turkey and Thailand logo, not sure what Russia is doing there, I think the whole “we are the world” thing is out dated. Still, It’s clean enough and props to them for being able to incorporate the HUGE city’s name instead of leaving as a foot note like Turkey and Brazil did.

Living in the U.A.E, I’ve seen the Dubai expo logo used in so many ways. Goes to show that when you design a symbol that is flexible, it can stretch your identity further.


Nail polish color named after expo 2020 from CocoNails at Beauty Connection spa


Using the identity to create a design


Adding the logo to Facebook display pictures

If your interested, here are the videos that each candidate has created to bid for expo 2020. My favourite ones are Dubai and Turkey. Showing creativity in script as well as art direction. Enjoy ^_^

World Expo Dubai, UAE 2020 bid film. Ali’s Film.


EXPO 2020 İzmir presentation film

EXPO 2020 São Paulo – Power of Diversity, Harmony for Growth

Expo 2020 Russia . Hello Yeosu

To see more on the Expo 2020 click here PING*


Riddle me this – The giraffe challenge

28 Oct

Display pictures. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even on Whatsapp. We all love our display pictures. They summarise how we want to depict ourselves to the world. Some people change their DPs every few months, some every few minutes. There’s no set of rules.

Except in this particular viral game that is going around. Similar to many Facebook games this one asks you to change your display picture. The only difference is, you have to solve the riddle. If you get it wrong, you have to change your DP into a picture of a giraffe.

As silly as it sounds, it’s been going around the intervewbs even picked up by a few online newspapers. Proving that a little bit of fun never hurt anyone.  It all started with 24-year-old travel videographer , Andrew Strugnel , who posted this video on the challenge  on Saturday 26th of October.

You can check out the Facebook page here PING !

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 1.50.57 PM

What’s even more interesting is seeing how a cat shelter (NPO) in Croatia, has also joined in and used the same riddle, but instead, it asks that the people who answer incorrectly change their DP to a picture of one of the cats in their shelter.

Prava šapa ( Right paw) a shelter made up of  volunteers who are trying to help abandoned cats and find them homes, posted the riddle on it’s Facebook page yesterday. Quiet a few people took notice as well as played along.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 1.58.43 PM

I liked the idea of joining in a viral game to create some awareness, even if it’s just for a little bit of fun. People online should lighten up. The internet is a great way of sharing content but it’s also a great way of sharing a few giggles.

I’d like to see how far this will go and how long it will last.

I unfortunately …. am NOT  a giraffe 😦

Thank you Andrew Strugnel, for the silly , lovely little game.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 2.02.10 PM


I’ll be updating the blog and adding people’s DPs so share yours with me if you are a giraffe ^_^   #GiraffeME 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 2.25.48 PM





Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 3.17.38 PM

Creative Ramadan

11 Jul

Ramadan, for those who fast, to those who don’t and those who have no idea what it is, everyone can agree with one thing. The Iftar food is always awesome and your Facebook/ inbox/ twitter are filled with Ramadan greetings.

Ah yes, the Ramadan greetings. They use to be a card the boss gets from a supplier, or a cartoon like drawing  on a “TWO FOR ONE” packet of cooking oil.  Tacky designs and generic cliché use of elements: moon, lantern, tray of dates.

Well, although these elements do represent the materialistic spirit of Ramadan, i think we’re all tired of seeing the same badly designed “work of art” . While the spirit of Ramadan consists of peace, self-reflection and religious rituals. It also has done a magical thing of brining people together. Not just family, but friends, strangers and tweeps. While businesses in the Middle East and Gulf have adapted to this month, so have restaurants, shopping malls and every single service or product corporation you can think of.

So it’s only logical that, (creatively speaking)  it’s time to up the game.

I’ve collected a few creative greetings, ads and package designs that get rid of the dreadful outdated designs and present a fresh new look. And why not? It’s a beautiful month and it should be represented beautifully in this era.

Check them out and let me know what you think. also, if you can any to add send them over, I’m hoping to have a nice collection by the end of the month.

Ramadan Kareem to all.

Old cliché designs 






Pls don’t ever send out something like this -_-

Hellowwww creative :



Designed for mom souq in the UAE –


Nutella’s attempt. not original but Nutella lovers will share this on their social media


This was posted on Facebook by Restronaut. if they designed it they should really put a logo.


Simple clean, no bling bling.


i like this one, it’s different. don’t know where it’s from though


Not the coolest of them, but there’s a cat in it. things r always cool where there’s a cat involved


quirky cute pixels


It’s cute coz it’s using the mascot 🙂

Advertising / brands





I’ll be updating it as the month goes on.